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Stories have and will always fascinate people's minds, we wait with baited breath for the sequel to our favourite film, we get to work late with only 3 hours sleep because we just wanted to watch one more episode of whichever Netflix show we're currently binging. But we can't let these stories distract us from the most important one, ours (or in this case, yours).

Your wedding day is the day when two stories join forces to become one, It's the beginning of the greatest action-romance-comedy-tragedy-adventure-horror (hopefully not) story you will ever experience. So why not capture that day as a cinematic and emotional film?

We have several packages that should suit most budgets so keep heading down to see some of our films and find out how to get in touch.


Some of our Films



The Ceremony

Just Ceremony Coverage

5- 10 Minute Film

4K & HD

1 Minute Social Media Edit

Ceremony Audio


The Highlights

Full Day Coverage

4-6 Minute Film

4K & HD

1 Minute Social Media Edit

 Ceremony and Speech Highlights


The Full Day

Full Day Coverage

10-15 Minute FIlm

4K & HD

1 Minute Social Media Edit

More Ceremony and Speech Audio


Full Speeches as Separate Video


Lets Shoot!

We Love shooting and telling stories, we hope that yours will be the next one we get to tell. If this sounds good to you and you like what you've seen so far then simply fill out this contact form and hit send!


Thanks, We'll try to get back to you ASAP!

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